2019 Antique Equipment Show Starts Summer Season

CCCGRS members generously gave their time and talent over the Memorial Day weekend operating their garden trains on our prominently featured layout at the 2019 Best of the West Antique Equipment Show held on the historic Santa Margarita Ranch. Visitor feedback was consistently positive. We connected with many people who have their own G gauge trains.

Special thanks goes to John Albin, Jim Davis, Mark Edwards, Richard Harvey, Mark Hays, Dave Hayes, Judy Hayes, Don Maddy, Chuck Jordan, Will Kastner, John Phillips, and Walt Wajda. Building on the success of this year’s event, CCCGRS will return in 2020! In the meantime, watch for our display layouts at the Central Coast Railroad Festival and Charles Paddock Zoo Holiday Magic.

Young boy watches large scale model trains
CCCGRS garden trains captured the attention of visitors at the historic Santa Margarita Ranch (M. Edwards, image).
People watch large scale model trains
Judy and Dave Hayes invited guests to participate in the fun by operating their battery-powered locomotive. Activity, details and ever changing rolling stock brought visitors back again and again.
0-4-4 steam locomotive
Although traveling without a consist, this visiting 0-4-4 was alive with sights and sounds throughout the event (M. Edwards, image).
Mother and child watch model train.
Up close and personal – it was exciting seeing so many adults introducing children to the trains without prompting from CCCGRS members onsite (R. Harvey. image).
People watch large scale model trains
Visitors young and young-at-heart watched large scale model trains traverse the CCCGRS layout before riding onboard one of the former Disneyland passenger coaches on the Pacific Coast Railroad (J. Albin, image).
Young boy and father at controls of large scale train.
Taking the controls, this young engineer and his father exemplify how we introduce and engage the public in the hobby (R. Harvey, image).
2-6-2 steam locomotive
This 2-6-2 work horse provided guests safe passage along the Pacific Coast Railroad (M. Edwards, image).