CCCGRS Open House – Clinton, Santa Maria

29 February 2020 @ 10:00 – 15:00
Orcutt & Islay Creek Railroad
246 Eastbourne Terrace
Santa Maria
CA 93455-3622
Geoff & Heather Clinton
CCCGRS Open House - Clinton, Santa Maria @ Orcutt & Islay Creek Railroad

Geoff and Heather Clinton have extended a gracious invitation for our group to visit the Orcutt & Islay Creek Railroad. This railroad, which hosts the Clinton’s collection of live steam locomotives, is a perennial favorite during the autumn Central Coast Railroad Festival.

Geoff and Heather will generously provide lunch and drinks for the group. Watch for more updates as the event date gets closer.

Railroad overview: The Orcutt & Islay Creek railroad consists of an original 120 foot loop with a 12 foot radius. A new 140 foot extension has an 8 foot radius “horseshoe” curve. Track is level within a 1/4 inch over the entire layout- making it live-steam friendly. The track is not powered.

Railroad control: Layout can accommodate steam and battery-powered locomotives. Guests are invited to bring their own trains to operate on the layout.