Cementina Family Railroad (Part 2)

Following the unusually strong rainstorms of January, CCCGRS members resumed work on the Cementina Family Railroad. Grade adjustments to the roadbed, installation of decomposed granite ballast, additions and connections of track allowed Rachel, Dennis and Kay’s daughter, to operate the first successful train around the layout at the end of the day. Family and friends will continue the work in preparation for Rachel and Bert’s wedding in March.

Kay Cementina shared with our group “What an amazing feat to watch! As you all gathered to work on Dennis’ layout, I was so intrigued by the way each person just found their spot and started working on the tracks. It was so beautiful to see how quickly it all came together and a thrill to have the maiden voyage be successful. We are so grateful for your time and talent so graciously given. I am sure Dennis is looking down from heaven and so pleased to see that it has come together after all the years of thinking about it. We will continue to fine tune the buildings and landscaping.”

The Cementina Family Railroad will be one of several central California coast garden railroads featured during the Post-Convention Layout Tour (10-11 July) as an extension of the 2023 National Garden Railroad Convention in Santa Clara, CA.

Paul Patterson (L) and Jim Williams (R) adjust the grade and install new track along the right of way (Mark Edwards, image).
Jesse Soto (L) and Chuck Jordan (R) establish a level grade from the passenger station to the trestle expertly designed and built by Dennis Cementina (Mark Edwards, image)
Following a full day of (fun) work, the CCCGRS track crew pauses for break (Richard Harvey, Jim Williams, Paul Patterson, Mark Edwards, Jesso Soto, Chuck Jordan, L-R) (Kay Cementina, image).
Rachel (L), Kay (R) and Riley are radiant with joy following the first successful train run on the Cementina Family Railroad. Special thanks to everyone that contributed to this project in memory of our friend Dennis Cementina (Mark Edwards, image).