Central Coast Garden Railroads Weather Winter Storms

Since the beginning of 2019, potent storms have delivered significant precipitation and wind across the  central coast. A unique aspect of operating an outdoor large scale model railroad, is the impact of weather on our layouts. We are happy to have the rain, but there have been minor “interruptions of service.”

Mark and Lori Hays were happy to report that only two custom built structures on the MNL Railroad (Arroyo Grande) had to be brought indoors for minor repairs. Welcome rains brought the impressive Lake Aaron to capacity and the spillway was safely allowing excess water downstream.

Standing water from winter rains settles in area planned as a “dry” river bed in this portion of the Buena Vista & Cascade Peak Railway still under construction.

Walt and Julie Wajda reported that a railroad crossing sign and scale fire station were impacted by high winds. The J&W Railroad (Santa Maria) electrical system and switch motors will be inspected once weather clears.

The Monarch and Sand Railroad (Arroyo Grande) traverses a sand dune, which allows for rapid percolation of rain water, according to Will Kastner. The inconvenient seasonal weather as prompted Will to move his garden railroad efforts indoors, with construction of a snow shed and Aero windmill underway.

The Aero windmill located on the west end of the Buena Vista & Cascade Peak Railway (Santa Margarita) has been getting a persistent workout with the over 40 mph wind gusts. The windmill was secured to a custom concrete footing earlier this year, successfully providing necessary support during high winds. Minor erosion and standing water have been noted. Mark Edwards used this opportunity to trace the perimeter of depressions that will be contoured to allow for improved drainage in the future.

Overall, with some time and minor effort, each of these layouts will soon be back on their normal operating schedules. Each of these layouts will generously host a CCCGRS open house during 2019. Check our calendar for dates and details.