Edwards Open House – March 2019

Members and guests of the Central California Coast Garden Railroad Society gathered at the Cascade Peak & Buena Vista Railway in scenic Santa Margarita, CA to officially begin our 2019 season of open houses and train runs. Spectacular weather, great food, trains, friends and fellowship came together to create a memorable day for all.

With more than twelve open houses, train runs and special events on the 2019 CCCGRS calendar, in addition to our monthly luncheons, there are plenty of opportunities to enjoy and share your passion of large scale model railroading here on the central coast. We look forward to seeing you soon!

CCCGRS members and guests enjoy a day of trains, sun and fun at the Cascade Peak & Buena Vista Railway in Santa Margarita, CA. Back, Left to Right: Richard Harvey, Bernie Meister, Vicki Meister, Mark Goodman, Chuck Jordan, Dave Hayes, Judy Hayes, Don Maddy, Phil Keyes, Rick Kuchenig. Middle, Left to Right: Shelia Goodman, Therese Honlon, Suzanne Edwards, Donna Long. Front, Left to Right: Mark Edwards, Pat Edwards, Michelle Edwards. Not Pictured: Will Kastner, Lucinda Eileen, Ted Verbryke, Tuyla Verbryke, John Phillips, Sawyer Phillips, Reily Phillips (Edwards, image)
Small group of people admiring model train being placed on outdoor railroad.
Donna Long, Dave Hayes, and Rick Kuchenig (Nipomo) admire custom models built by the late Tito Gutierrez being loaded on the CP&BVRy reversing loop by Chuck Jordan (Arroyo Grande).
Don Maddy’s (Nipomo) LGB Chloe had her inaugural run on the CP&BVRy. Open houses and train runs are the perfect opportunity for those without layouts to run and enjoy their large scale model trains!
Mark Goodman (Santa Maria) successfully operated his battery powered LGB mallet throughout the day. Construction of Cascade Peak and Rainbow Ridge is shown in background.
The view from the southwestern boundary of the Cascade Peak & Buena Vista Railway illustrates the various stages of layout construction, although the trackwork is complete. The reversing loop passes through two tunnels. Unfinished rockwork surrounds one entrance in the lower half of the image.
Rick Kuchenig and Dave Hayes (Nipomo) catch-up during the CCCGRS March Open House.
CP&BVRy No. 19 descends Horseshoe Curve grade through spring wildflowers and vegetation. Dwarf rosemary and creeping red thyme emulate the native vegetation.