The J&W Railroad in Santa Maria, California is one of the longest, continuous operating garden railroads on the central coast.

Multiple track loops surrounding the backyard create the opportunity for several trains to operate simultaneously (Mark Edwards, image).


Operators and guests can surround themselves with action, as multiple trains operate around the lawn and patio. Storage yards protected from the elements are strategically placed allowing quick start-up and closing.

The J&W Railroad in Santa Maria is always a public favorite. Walt and Julie Wajda have created an inviting environment for CCRRF guests to relax and watch the trains roll by (M. Edwards, image).
The J&W Railroad has been expertly designed so operators and observers can be in the center of all the action (Michelle Edwards, image).

Layout Specifications

This garden railroad consists of three separate loops, two of which have reversing capability and two have one siding each. The three loops are interconnected and have access to a “rail yard” and to two separate storage areas: an indoor patio and an outdoor shed. The layout is DCC powered.

Track gauge (mm)45
Total length (ft.)
Mainline (ft.)
Maximum gradient (%)0.0
Minimum radius (ft.)
Control systemDCC
Walt Wajda constructed this two train, two loop automated analog LGB layout as a personal “challenge” during the second quarter of 2020. The completed layout is shown here operating during the Central California Coast Garden Railroad Society (CCCGRS) June 2020 open house.