The MNL Railroad is a free-lance railroad sited on sloping terrain overlooking the picturesque Arroyo Grande Creek Valley.

This high speed train decorated in an exclusive DC Comics “wrap” glides across the prominently featured suspension bridge on the MNL railroad (Mark Edwards, image)


Recent additions on the MNL Railroad include painting the lake bed, several town street and park scenarios and dozens of scale figures. An upper track separate from the lower track has been added. It spans a large canyon on a suspension bridge. This track currently runs an analog LGB Amtrak and DC Comics train and approaches the future site of a frozen lake mountain resort.

The expansive MNL railroad extends down a sloping hillside, around a lake and across a canyon. This Arroyo Grande, CA layout delights CCRRF visitors each year with new additions and details (Mark Edwards, image).
This detailed campground is one of many creative scenes featured on Mark and Lori Hay’s MNL Railroad. Visitors should allow sufficient time to appreciate each carefully staged scene (Mark Edwards, image).

Layout Specifications

This garden railroad measures 80 feet x 80 feet with 700 feet of track plus sidings on a twenty degree hillside slope. It features three swale-spanning bridges, a covered trestle with three tracks including a seventy-foot long storage track within the “mountainside”, a 13 foot x 20 foot lake fed by a waterfall that the train runs behind, a mountain/canyon section, and a large industrial area.

Track gauge (mm)45
Total length (ft.)700
Mainline (ft.)
Maximum gradient (%)
Minimum radius (ft.)
Control systemDCC