Located in the Santa Ynez Valley, the Mountain View Railroad combines the charm of large-scale model trains in the garden, full sized railroad artifacts and breathtaking views of Figueroa and Grass Mountains.

The Moutain View Railroad lives up to its name with expansive views of southern California moutains (GCGRS.com, image)


The garden incorporates walkways that allow visitors to follow the model trains through forests of dwarf trees. Trains cross bridges, pass custom-built building and circumnavigates a koi pond.

Also featured in the garden is a full-size caboose and line shack. The Morgans have an impressive collection of railroad related items to compliment the garden railroad, including a railroad lamp and lantern collection, operating railroad signals and other nostalgic ephemera.

Hundreds of dwarf Alberta spruce, redwood and other plants create a miniature forest landscape through which large-scale model trains operate (GCGRS.com, image).
Full-size, custom-built caboose serves as a themed retreat in the railroad garden (GCGRS.com, Image).

Layout Specifications

The railroad is divided into two sections. Trains operate by both on-board battery power as well as track-power.

Track gauge (mm)45
Total length (ft.)
Mainline (ft.)
Maximum gradient (%)
Minimum radius (ft.)
Control systemDC Analog & Battery