Rileyville Railroad is named after our dog Riley, an 11-year-old Catahoula Leopard Hound. The railroad is 4 years old and improving all the time. We created this railroad from our imagination and does not represent any specific time or era, it encompasses many of the traits we find interesting in Garden Railroading. We think we represent what Garden Railroading is all about running trains, having fun with likeminded people and trying to share our passion with others.

Jim and Donna Williams have been busy completing the new expansion of the Rileyville Railroad. See new details, bridges, viaducts and scenery here (Jim Williams, images).
Upon entering the back yard, visitors’ attention is immediately drawn to the impressive curved, wooden trestle that crosses the water-wise landscape (Jim Williams, images).


There is a 20 foot long, 20-inch-high curved trestle at one end of layout, 8-foot-long tunnel, Engine Yard, Rileyville Station, Farm, Rare Rock Mine, Cemetery, a Whimsical Giant Sea Shell Shop, and a few other buildings and sites. We have tried our hand at scratch building and are improving at every try.

The solid roadbed design supports the track and trains, as well as creates a functional border between the lawn and planting beds (Mark Edwards, image).

Layout Specifications

The Rileyville Railroad covers an area of aproximately 550 square feet and has a main line of 220 feet with 40 feet of sidings.

Track gauge (mm)45
Total length (ft.)260
Mainline (ft.)220
Maximum gradient (%)
Minimum radius (ft.)
Control systemAirwire, battery