Celebrating Central Coast Railroad Festival Success

CCCGRS greeted visitors from across California at seven garden railroads during the 2023 Central Coast Railroad Festival. Our members worked tirelessly behind the scenes preparing for this year’s event. Guests experienced the breadth and diversity of our hobby at the uniquely different venues while engaging with our hosts each sharing their passion for “trains in the garden.” We concluded the festival with this special celebration sharing food and fellowship to acknowledge everyone’s contributions. We hope you will join us next year!

Isla and Jesse survey the recent additions at the CP&BV Ry. With so many garden railroads open to the general public, many of our members were not able to see all the CCRRF displays (Kelly Soto, image).
Carol and Jim share a moment while visiting the Cascade Peak & Buena Vista Railway for the celebration (Mark Edwards, image).
Cheers to another successful year with the Central Coast Railroad Festival! Vicki, Bernie and Judith share their autumn festival spirit for the occasion (Mark Edwards, image).
Judy, Kathy, Phil, Julie and Walt enjoy conversation following delicious desserts (Mark Edwards, image).
We think (almost) everyone had a great time visiting the garden railroads featured during the 2022 Central Coast Railroad Festival. We look forward to greeting you at one of our many events in 2023 (Mark Edwards, image).