Garden Trains Bring Holiday Magic to Charles Paddock Zoo Guests

Since 2017, the Central California Coast Garden Railroad Society has participated in the annual Holiday Magic celebration at the Charles Paddock Zoo in Atascadero. We are proud to have contributed to the 2022 event with a newly designed, dual loop display featuring girder bridges spanning the “canyon” between the sections of the temporary display.

CCCGRS members were out early during the cold and foggy morning preparing the layout prior to zoo guest arrivals. Special thanks to Bob Cochran, Heather Cochran, Mark Edwards, Richard Harvey, Dave Hayes, Will Kastner, Phil Keys, Don Maddy, Julie Neja, Tim Neja, Jesse Soto, Kelly Soto, Walt Wajda, Mel Wammack, Donna Williams, Jim Williams all of whom contributed to the success of this year’s event.

This year’s layout, based on a series of adjustable tables generously donated to the group, is a modification of our group’s display presented during the Central Coast Railroad Festival, one of several regional events in which CCCGRS participates. We look forward to greeting you at our next public event.

Children and parents both shared their appreciation for the holiday trains presented by CCCGRS at the 2022 Holiday Magic celebration (Mark Edwards, image).
The cold and foggy north county morning weather did not delay the construction of our 2022 display layout (Jesse Soto, image).
Following minimal site preparation, the crew was quick to assemble the two separate loops of track each of which spans newly constructed bridges (Jesse Soto, image).
CCCGRS members contributed buildings, details and rolling stock when combined created a new display for zoo guests to admire and appreciate (Jesse, Soto).
The 2022 model train layout allowed for simultaneous operation of multiple trains, both track and battery powered, while guests were invited to view from all sides of the display (Mark Edwards, image).
There was no shortage of smiles and good cheer around this year’s large scale model railroad display (Mark Edwards, image).
This festive train enthusiast waits patiently for a cargo of holiday treats as Bob Cochran (left) brings the consist to a slow stop (Mark Edwards, image).