Friends Come Together To Share J&W Railroad with 2023 NGRC Delegates

One of the many benefits of joining a regional garden railroad group is the collaborative nature of the membership. Every member brings different skill, talents and perspectives to the collective group. The two-day participation of CCCGRS in the 2023 Post-National Garden Railway Convention was an “all hands on deck” type of event for our group. Many of our members were busy preparing, operating their layouts and greeting guests during the post-convention tour. While many others stepped up to help operate layouts for the hosts.

Julie and Walt Wajda are founding members of the Central California Coast Garden Railroad Society. They regularly host train runs (open houses) for our group each year, as well as open their J&W Railroad to the general public during the very popular Central Coast Railroad Festival held annually in October. Julie and Walt would regularly attend National Garden Railroad Conventions around the country and this year was their opportunity to share their personal creation with others equally interested in the hobby.

Unfortunately, Walt Wajda passed suddenly earlier this year. Determined to help Julie share their railroad with the convention delegates, CCCGRS members worked collaboratively to accomplish that mission.

Before the two-day tour, Will Kastner, Mark Edwards and Bob Cochran cleaned track, tested the control systems and operated trains to ensure a successful display. During the event, Bob Cochran, along with our newest members, Peter and Christopher Dettelis set-up scenery, tables and chairs and then proceeded to operate multiple trains simultaneously for the delight of their visiting guests.

At the same time, on the northern end of the tour, Richard Harvey was helping operate the Cementina Family Railroad. You can read more about how CCCGRS worked together to prepare this garden railroad for family events and the convention tour earlier this year.

The Central California Coast Garden Railroad Society extends our sincere gratitude to everyone who contributed to the success of the 2023 Post-National Garden Railway Society Convention. We are very fortunate to share this hobby with a such a special group of individuals.

Julie Wajda hosted 2023 NGRC delegates and their guests at the J&W Railroad in Santa Maria (P. Dettelis, image).
With interest and previous experience using DCC to control smaller scale model railroad equipment, Christopher Dettelis quickly mastered the Massoth DCC system Walt Wajda installed to operate his entire J&W Railroad (Peter Dettelis, image).
Special thanks to Christopher and Peter Dettelis, and Bob Cochran who assisted Julie Wajda as the operations crew for two consecutive days during the Post-NGRC Tour of garden railroads on the central California coast (Julie Wajda, image).