Migration to Arroyo Grande for the Return of the Monarch & Sand Railroad

Will Kastner and Lucinda Eileen hosted a memorable train run for CCCGRS in late May. Our group has had the pleasure of previously visiting the Monarch & Sand Railroad, but since that time Lucinda and Will have completely redesigned their outdoor living environment, while maintaing and integrating the garden railroad into the design. Everyone was impressed with the new design.

Will proudly pointed out “At one point, seven locomotives were running simultaneously on the new line.” We could not be happier for Lucinda and Will and appreciate them sharing their home and garden railroad with the group.

The Monarch & Sand Railroad will be one of more than 10 garden railroads open for public display during the 2023 National Garden Railway Convention Post-Convention Tour (10-11 July 2023), as well as the annual Central Coast Railroad Festival (06-08 October 2023). We look forward to your visit.

Lucinda and Will have designed a railroad that truly integrates into a beautiful, welcoming and comfortable garden (Mark Edwards, image).
The Monarch & Sand Railroad has taken on new character as part of the reimagined outdoor living space at Lucinda and Will’s Arroyo Grande home (Mark Edwards, image).
From farm to circus, detailed scenes throughout the landscape offer visitors the opportunity to imagine what lies just around the next curve (Mark Edwards, image).
Less than 2 miles from the Pacific Ocean, the sandy soils necessitated the stability of a concrete block roadbed for reliable operation (Mark Edwards, image).
Jesse Soto (L) and Bernie Meister discuss conversion of large scale locomotives to remotely operate using on-board batteries (Mark Edwards, image).