Norgrove Railway: The Newest “Garden Railroad” on the Central California Coast (Part 2)

Ready to depart on the return trip, Walt Wajda, Kelly and Jesse Soto (left to right) wave to cheerful onlookers enjoying the day at Norgrove Garden Vineyards (Mark Edwards, image).
Along the trip back point of embarcation we pass under the vehicle roadway through this culvert tunnel (Mark Edwards, image).
On the return trip, our consist winds through the vineyard along a roadbed ballasted with decomposed granite allowing other vehicle traffic to pass through the same spaces (Mark Edwards, image)
Following our train journey, CCCGRS members join an actor wearing the period uniform and gear of a WWI soldier in front of the Davenport Trench Locomotive (Mark Edwards, image).
Immaculately maintained equipment, machinery and shops are sited within this picturesque coastal landscape (Mark Edwards, image).

We hope you enjoyed this brief visit to the Norgrove Railway, as much as we did. Start planning your next visit o experience railroads of all gauges and scales on the central California coast.