The A & M Railroad consists of two separate large-scale layouts. The larger of the two brings the tracks up to table height for easy set-up and operations. There is no other large scale layout like the A & M Railroad in our area.

Central Coast Railroad Festival guests were treated with Dave Hayes’ Uintah Railway mallet #50 pulling a consist of ore cars with ease on the newly constructed A & M Railroad (Mark Goodman, image).
Aiden demonstrates his future business potential has he organizes the materials in the yard of Aiden’s lumber, one of several industries and business on the A&M Railroad (Mark Edwards, image).


The original layout has been reconfigured into an 80-ft. oval featured in the center of the garden. In 2021, following 16 months of construction, the new 193-ft. triple main line was completed. This impressive layout is raised 30 inches from ground level for ease of operation and viewing.

Kit and kit-bashed structures, details and figures are distributed throughout creating unique scenes to delight visitors.

The spirit of Halloween was present throughout the A & M Railroad during the Central Coast Railroad Festival (Mark Goodman, image).
Ore cars are efficiently filled on one of many sidings designed into the reimagined A&M Railroad (Mark Goodman, image).

Layout Specifications

All three lines cross an arch top drawbridge allowing operators to access the center of the layout.

Track gauge (mm)45
Total length (ft.)270
Mainline (ft.)100
Maximum gradient (%)2.0
Minimum radius (ft.)10
Control systemAirwire
Proud grandparents, Mark and Shelia Goodman, with grandson Aiden, hosted CCCGRS friends for a wonderful autumn train run following more than 16 months of construction of their new garden railroad (Mark Edwards, image).