Seasons of Thanks

As we enter into the 2020 holiday season, it is all the more important to remind those in our lives of how important they are to each of us. Additionally, the more relaxed holiday schedule allowed many to work with, and operate trains in the garden. We are very thankful to have special people like you with which we share our hobby.

CCCGRS members shared these images and thoughts.

George Shyavitz and Sandra Short recently relocated from the central coast to Idaho. George is shown here after recently being released from medical treatment for severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2. You can see, he is ready to get back to running trains. George offered three words of wisdom based on his experience – “Wear A Mask.” Best wishes for a speedy recovery! (Short, image)

Mark & Sheila Goodman have continued to make progress on the new M&S Railroad. Mark shared a brief video overview which can be viewed here

Jesse Soto it very thankful for his wife, Kelly. Kelly allowed Jesse to tear up the planter and remove many plants in the backyard. She has had patience with this massive garden railroad project. (Soto, image)
Jesse also added that he is “thankful for the many facets’ this hobby encourages me to try out. For example, taking a picture and try to make a story from it or just playing in the dirt, like when I was a child.’ “I’m very thankful for the cast of characters that I have enjoyed listening to intently and some soon we will be able to spend more time gathering and be social.” “I’m very thankful that I can start to enjoy retirement, doing something I’ve only dreamed of.” (Soto, image)
Judy & Dave Hayes are thankful for many fond memories that our garden railroad provided. Here their granddaughter Anastatia gets a close up look at the Forney negotiating ’Table Rock Turnaround’ in our front yard (Hayes, image).
A scene from one of many open houses held at Dave and Judy Hayes’ garden railroad. Here Eldon Paling (left) and Arnold Jonas (right, deceased) is fueling up his live steamer (Hayes, image).
Will Kastner and Lucinda Eileen happily celebrated their wedding anniversary during the Thanksgiving holiday. He was also able to get back to work on the Monarch & Sand Railroad trolley track (Kastner, image).
These colorful eggliners will be thankful for all of Will’s hard work on the new loop trolley track. All the previous foundation blocks and top blocks have been removed and new foundation blocks are being carefully positioned using levels and templates. The new track will be smooth for the Eggliners! (Kastner, image)
Michelle and Mark Edwards appreciate the friendship and support they continue to enjoy through CCCGRS. They are anxious to share their Cascade Peak & Buena Vista Railway decorated for the holidays during a Christmas Twilights celebration (Edwards, image)