Wajda Open House – June 2018

Special thanks to Walt and Julie Wajda for hosting another successful CCCGRS open house. Members and guests from as far as New Mexico enjoyed a June afternoon of fun among friends.

The J&W Railroad has been expertly designed so operators and observers can be in the center of all the action.
Great work! The Goodmans practice the detailed task of track cleaning. Never to early to start teaching the basics of outdoor model train operation.
Dave Hayes and Don Maddy with our host Walt Wajda


Comparison of Fn3 (1:20.3) (left) and G (1:22.5) (right)
Two examples of scales operated on garden railroad. An Fn3 (1:20.3) model of a Denver Rio Grande K27 by Bachmann (left), and a G (1:22.5) model of a Colorado and Southern Mogul by LGB.
John Albin contemplates operation of his Bachmann Fn3 K27 locomotive. This larger scale requires greater track clearance.


CCCGRS Members in attendance at Wadja Open House (Left to Right, Walt Wajda, John Albin, Dave Hayes, Mark Edwards, Mark Goodman, Richard Wajda, Don Maddy, Michelle Edwards; Not Shown, Julie Wajda, Judy Hayes, Shelia Goodman, Mark Hays)