CCCGRS 2019 Open House series concludes with Crown & Summit Railroad

There is no better garden railroad to place a “crown” on the “summit” of the Central California Coast Garden Railroad Society’s 2019 open house series than Jim Davis’s Crown & Summit Railroad.

This Paso Robles garden railroad is a perennial favorite and this year’s event did not disappoint. Great friends, an incredible selection of food and drink, and lots of trains made for a very enjoyable autumn afternoon.

We were pleased to welcome several new faces to the event, as well as get up-to-date with CCCGRS members we have not recently seen. Thanks again to Jim for hosting the group and sharing his hospitality.

Everyone was impressed with Bernie Meister’s recently converted battery powered locomotive (Mark Edwards, image).
Aidan makes sure all the trains are functioning within established parameters with some input from Shelia Goodman (Mark Edwards, image)
Both neighbors and CCCGRS guests enjoyed the Crown & Summit Railroad, the company and incredible selection of food and drink. Thanks for the invitation, Jim (Jim Davis, image).
The adaptations of Chuck Jordan’s battery powered model Shay enabled it to traversed all possible routes on the Crown & Summit (Mark Edwards, image).
Mark Hays (right) looks on as Walt Wajda digitally shares another train experience (Mark Edwards, image).
John Phillips and Chuck Jordan work through “operations and safety” checklist of a mogul customized by the late, Tito Gutierrez (Mark Edwards, image).
If there was any doubt, we were busy in Paso Robles, working on the railroad (Jim Davis, image).
Aidan listens intently, while Walt Wajda offers words of wisdom. Perhaps they are discussing the benefits of DCC over battery operation for garden railroads (Jim Davis, image).
Finishing our 2019 open house season on a high note, CCCGRS members return to Paso Robles to enjoy another day at the Crown & Summit Railroad. Thank you Jim! Left to Right: Jack Hutchinson, Unnamed, Jim Davis, Tim Neja, Mark Hays, John Phillips, Chuck Jordan. and Mark Edwards. Not Pictured: Aidan, Mark Goodman, Shelia Goodman, David Hayes, Will Kastner, Bernie Meister, Walt Wajda (Mark Edwards. image)