Art Central Introduces CCCGRS To New Possibilities For The New Year

Many CCCGRS members started the new year with an “resolution” to learn new techniques to customize their miniature landscapes. We enjoyed an exclusive class at Art Central on using polymer clay to create details, unique figures, and personalized features.

Lucinda Eileen and Will Kastner explore the possibilities of using polymer clay to create custom details for their garden railroad (Mark Edwards, image).

Polymer clay is a readily available, plastic modeling material that hardens when baked 10-15 minutes in a conventional kitchen oven. Projects using polymer clay have been featured in Garden Railways and other model railroading publications.

I had a lot of fun. The class was very therapeutic.

Michelle Edwards

Each student received one-on-one instruction on types of polymer clay, working with the material, blending colors, common tools, the hardening process and more. The class included a variety of polymer clays, personalized instruction, as well as access to tools and ovens to finish their creation.

I am already thinking about the possibilities of using polymer clay to make details for our garden railroad.

Lori Hays
Class creations were not limited to garden railroad features, Michelle Edwards created this dryad to join the other inhabits of her fairy garden (Michelle Edwards, image).

Organizing and implementing these classes is another example of how CCCGRS introduces the garden railroad hobby to others with shared “allied” creative interests., including the owner and employees of a regional art supply business. We welcome your suggestions of how we can continue to expand our own creative abilities and share our hobby with others in the central California coast region.