CCCGRS Leaps Into The New Year Onboard The Orcutt & Islay Creek Railroad

Geoff and Heather Clinton hosted the first CCCGRS open house of our 35th anniversary year at their Santa Maria garden railroad. The Orcutt & Islay Creek Railroad is modeled as a “what could have happened branch line” in the spirit of the Pacific Coast Railroad. The Clinton’s live steam locomotives were operating throughout the day between visiting consists. This was our group’s first visit since the impressive 2018  addition. Trains, gardens, friends and incredible food—what better way to spend an extra calendar day?

A live steam Porter traverses the trestle on the 160 foot extension added in 2018 to the Orcutt & Islay Creek Railroad (Mark Edwards, image).
Geoff Clinton (L) prepares his live steam locomotive for operation while Tim Neja (R) looks on. This image illustrates the “Y” interchange between the original loop and the 2018 layout expansion (Mark Edwards, image).
Walt Wajda (L) and Dave Hayes (R) share a casual conversation at the Clinton’s garden railroad on a beautiful central California day (Mark Edwards, image).
CCCGRS members were invited to operate their own equipment on the Orcutt & Islay Creek Railroad. Walt Wajda’s battery powered LGB Mikado crosses the original loop access point via this impressive through truss bridge (Mark Edwards, image).
Both the original 120 foot loop and 160 foot extension of the Orcutt & Islay Creek Railroad can be seen from this perspective. Special thanks to the Clinton family for hosting this special occasion (Mark Edwards, image).