Conejo and Tortuga Railroad Train Run

The town of Dirt welcomes back CCCGRS for our May train run on the Conejo and Tortuga Railroad (Left to Right: Mark Edwards, Michelle Edwards, David Hayes, Mark Hays, Judy Hayes, Bernie Meister (Host), John Phillips, Walt Wajda, Vicki Meister (Host), Julie Wajda; Not Featured: Mark Goodman, Shelia Goodman, Aidan, Will Kastner, Tim Neja, Donna Williams, Jim Williams) (M. Edwards, image)
Our hosts created a scene with an important message, “Always be aware of your surroundings when working around railroad equipment (M. Edwards, image).
Visiting rolling stock crosses a series of bridges on the newly added extension with the original layout featured behind (M. Edwards, image).
Making the turn for the return trip, the new extension of the Conejo and Tortuga Railroad maximizes the space available in a narrow portion of the property (M. Edwards, image).
Modifications of the interior barriers were necessary to complete the new loop (M. Edwards, image).
Another creative modification, Bernie placed magnets in the switch rails so that after a train has pushed through the turnout, the points “attach” firmly against the stock rail, routing the returning consist in the opposite direction creating visual interest (M. Edwards, image).
Returning on the extension to the original layout, Bernie’s addition has added grade changes, new sight lines and operational interest to the existing layout. We had a great time! (M. Edwards, image).