Davis Open House – October 2018

October has been a busy “month of trains” for CCCGRS members. Only two weeks after successfully hosting an open house for the general public as part of the 2018 Central Coast Railroad Festival, Jim and Barbara Davis welcomed CCCGRS members to Paso Robles for an incredible autumn Saturday filled with friendship, food, fun, and … trains! Jim and Barbara have been CCCGRS members since 2001. We always enjoy their generous hospitality and the invitation to run trains on the Crown & Summit Railroad. Thank you – Barbara and Jim!

CCCGRS members had yet another enjoyable visit to the Crown & Summit Railroad. (Left to Right: Janice Davis, Julie Wajda, Walt Wajda, Mark Goodman, Shelia Goodman, Chuck Jordan, Mark Hays, Jim Davis, John Albin, Mark Edwards. Not pictured: Barbara Davis).
Jim Davis designed the Crown & Summit Railroad to be accessible at table height the full length on three sides. This guest friendly design allows easy set up and operation of trains, with minimal need to kneel at ground level. Left to right: Walt Wajda, Chuck Jordan.
With fresh ballast and track work recently completed for the Central Coast Railroad Festival, the Crown & Summit Railroad allow for operation without any “incidents.”
Hosts of CCCGRS Open House events encourage their guests to operate their trains in a different landscape and track plan. Mark Goodman ran his Southern Pacific consist in Paso Robles, while his Santa Maria layout is under renovation. A great opportunity to keep involved in the hobby!
Two separate, but interconnecting loops allow for multiple train operation. The Davis’ miniature garden world was fill with activity as “visiting” trains traversed the landscape.
Just a few of several guest trains operating on a beautiful autumn day in Paso Robles, CA. Each of these models were battery powered and remote controlled. Operators are mindful of their own train, and other traffic on the line.
Following a delightful meal, the warm autumn weather and gentle sound of trains running through the landscape had CCCGRS members feeling very “restful.” (Left to Right: Mark Goodman, Walt Wajda, Chuck Jordan, John Albin, Jim Davis, Shelia Goodman, Julie Wajda, Mark Hays).