Summer Projects I

We are excited to receive updates regarding our members’ garden railroad accomplishments. Here are updates on a few projects.

Flower Pot & Western Railroad

Bob Cochran proudly presents his custom painted and detailed Porter locomotive. This battery powered, remote controlled locomotive was crafted using components from more than seven manufacturers (Mark Edwards, image).

Longhorn Railroad

Raised benchwork takes shape as the foundation of the Longhorn Railroad in Creston. Tim Neja has designed the layout to accommodate the classic “TimeSaver” switching layout at the patio for more operating challenges (Tim Neja, Image)

A & M Railroad

Carefully constructed for a specific application, Dave Hayes has modified this section of track for the approach to the lift-up bridge on Mark Goodman’s recently renovated A & M Railroad. Wood inserts allow the track to be securely anchored to the deck, while small pieces of rail soldered on the underside of the rails serve to “lock” the ties in place (Mark Edwards, image).
The rail base shown on the right has been highly modified to slide into the corresponding rail joiner as part of the lift-up bridge on Mark Goodman’s A & M Railroad (Mark Edwards, image).