CCCGRS Resumes 2020 Open House Series At J&W Railroad

CCCGRS members, friends and family thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to come outdoors, safely visit and run trains on the J&W Railroad at the gracious invitation of Julie and Walt Wajda. Walt has been an influence in the Central California Coast Garden Railroad Society since our formation in 1985. Considering the current climate, it is more than fitting that this extra special “return” open house was held on the J&W Railroad.

A good time was had by all – close friends, great weather, and trains in the garden. Left to right: Shelia Goodman, Mark Goodman, Miss Clinton, Geoff Clinton, Walt Wajda, John Phillips, Jim Davis, Ms. Carol, Don Maddy, Jesse Soto, Kelly Soto, Julie Wajda, Master Clinton, Michelle Edwards, Chuck Jordan, John Albin. Not Pictured: Jack Hutchinson, Mark Hays, Mark Edwards (Mark Edwards. image).

Following the necessary cancellation of open houses at the Conejo and Tortuga Railroad and the Cascade Peak & Buena Vista Railway earlier this year, we were very pleased with this month’s turnout. Understandably, we were disappointed to miss seeing some of our friends. With circumstances changing almost daily, we encourage you to regularly check for 2020 event updates on our calendar. We know we will see you all soon.

After months of isolation, CCCGRS members were anxious to run trains on the J&W Railroad. A queue of people waiting to operate on one of the three interconnected loops quickly formed while guests enjoyed conversation and refreshments (Mark Edwards, image).
John Albin (R) and Walt Wajda (L) always enjoy exchanging ideas on current topics. Special thanks to John for his assistance in preparing the layout for operation (Mark Edwards, image).
John Phillips (R) listens intently as Walt Wajda (L) describes the inspiration and design of his two train, two loop analog layout (Mark Edwards, image).
Walt Wajda constructed this two train, two loop automated analog LGB layout as a personal “challenge” during the second quarter of 2020. The completed layout is shown here operating during the Central California Coast Garden Railroad Society (CCCGRS) June 2020 open house (Mark Edwards. Image).