Still Working on the Railroads

It is impressive to see all the projects CCCGRS members continue to undertake during this time. The weather has been perfect for outdoor projects. We welcome updates on your own projects so we might shared the results of your hard work here.

Bernie Meister recently completed the conversion of an Accu-Craft C19 locomotive from track to battery power. Check back here in the near future for a detailed “how to” story on the parts and process used for this conversion.

Jesse Soto continues to form the roadbed, right of way and track of his new layout. As he adds concrete work into the layout, we can tell he is serious about this design.

Rock formations are rising from the floor of the Living Desert on the Cascade Peak & Buena Vista Railway, but the desert has not yet been painted!

Aristo-Craft C16 crossing trestle on Conejo & Tortuga Railroad
The finished project: now converted from track to battery powered operation this Aristo-Craft C19 is ready to assume service as #30 on the Conejo and Tortuga Railroad (B. Meister, image).
Once forms are removed, a concrete retaining wall reinforced with rebar and hardware cloth is revealed on Jesse Soto’s Paso Robles garden railroad. Track work and ballast will soon follow (J. Soto, image).
The Living Desert slowly comes to life. Desert rock formations are first created using scrap pieces of foam insulation (upper). The foam shapes are then covered with burlap saturated with hydraulic cement (lower). A final detail layer will be applied and detailed before paints are applied (M. Edwards, images).