CP&BVRy Train Run, March 2021

Guests of the CP&BVRy enjoyed the warm spring weather during the first 2021 CCCGRS train run. (Left to right: Don Campbell, Gail Campbell, Mark Hays, Walt Wajda, Judy Hayes, David Hayes, Jesse Soto, Kelly Soto, Julie Wajda, Mark Edwards, Phil Keys, Bernie Meister, Vicki Meister, Tim Neja, Shelia Goodman; Also present: Mark Goodman, Aidan, Richard Harvey, Tony Palopoli, Gary Hess, Vicki Hess, Chuck Jordan, Judith Dunlore, Jack Hutchinson, David Nagy, Hilding Larson, Michelle Edwards) (Michelle Edwards, image)
Gary Hess (left), Judith Dunlore (center) and Mark Edwards (right) exchange experiences creating, constructing and painting scale rockwork for garden railroads (Michelle Edwards, image)
Dave Hayes prepares for the “ore car challenge” as he stages his favorite train consist next to Mark Goodman’s train on the adjacent passing siding (Michelle Edwards, image)
Mark Goodman follows David Hayes’ ore car consist through the “Living Desert” as he considers adding more ore cars to his own collection! (Michelle Edwards, image)
Chuck Jordan (left) describes the inner workings of a battery-powered consist modified and detailed by the late, Tito Gutierrez, to Mark Hays (right) (Michelle Edwards, image)
Dave Hayes’ LGB Uintah Mallet converted to Air-Wire controlled battery-power effortlessly climbs the 2% grade of Horseshoe Curve (Mark Edwards. image)
Long-time CCCGRS friend, Jack Hutchinson operates his DJI drone with amazing precision capturing spectacular footage of resident and visiting trains running through the scale scenery. Thank you Jack for your professional creativity! (Michelle Edwards, image)
A resident LGB Mogul completes a grand circle tour on the CP&BVRy mainline, while the mine train approaches Ol’ Unfaithful Geyser in the Living Desert (Mark Edwards, image)