Rileyville Railroad 2.0

Garden railroads are constantly evolving. Sometimes these changes are driven by inspiration and they result in a “clean slate” approach. Such is the case with the Rileyville Railroad in Paso Robles. Jim and Donna Williams will be sharing regular updates with our group as they recreate their new vision for the layout.

The original Rileyville Railroad at Jim and Donna Williams’ Paso Robles home was a prominent feature in the landscape including the impressive trestle show here (Mark Edwards, image).
Another view of the original Rileyville Railroad shown from the opposite end of the layout from the image ablove (Before) (Jim Williams, image).
This image is taken from the same sangle, but now the site of Rileyville Railroad 2.0 has been cleared and prepared for the new layout. Check our website regularly for construction updates (Jim WIlliams, image).