A&M Railroad Train Run

The Goodman’s greeted CCCGRS members as we experienced their reimagined A&M Railroad for our October train run. The event was a great opportunity to get together, socialize and just run trains following the recent conclusion of the Central Coast Railroad Festival. Designed for operations, the three separate loops of track, each with multiple passing sidings accommodated all the visiting trains.  We look forward to our next visit to the A&M Railroad in 2022.

Bob Cochran illustrates to Will Kastner the mechanical “do’s and don’ts” of large scale turnouts while operating on the A&M Railroad in Orcutt, California (Mark Edwards, image).
Can you tell, CCCGRS had a great day at the inaugural train run on the new A&M Railroad. Special thanks to the Goodmans for hosting this event (Mark Edwards. image).
Aiden demonstrates his future business potential has he organizes the materials in the yard of Aiden’s lumber, one of several industries and business on the A&M Railroad (Mark Edwards, image).
Proud grandparents, Mark and Shelia Goodman, with grandson Aiden, hosted CCCGRS friends for a wonderful autumn train run following more than 16 months of construction of their new garden railroad (Mark Edwards, image).