M&S Railroad Renovations Continue

Only two weeks have transpired since our last update. Mark Goodman (Santa Maria) has been making impressive progress on the renovations of the Mark & Shelia Railroad (M&SRR). These changes are not minor adjustments in track alignment, but a complete rebuild of the long-standing garden railroad.

Below are the next in a series of updated construction images. From these images, you can clearly appreciate their vision. Excitement continues to build as Mark & Shelia reimagine their railroad and the surrounding landscape.

The renovations continue. – new fruit trees are in place while progress on the raised garden railroad layout is seen in the background (Goodman, image).
Work continues to progress on the M&SRR raised right-of-way. The mainline will be easily accessible from both sides at a comfortable height. A graceful curve is seen in the distance as the track will wrap around the gazebo (Goodman, image).
Track placement on prefabricated picket fence panels illustrate the new raised roadbed (Goodman, image).