Return to Rileyville Railroad

Central California Coast Garden Railroad members and guests celebrated the arrival of the vernal equinox at the invitation of Jim and Donna Williams with the group’s first train run of 2023. This winter has been particularly challenging, especially for running model trains outdoors, but between atmospheric rivers of rainfall, we enjoyed a gorgeous day outside with friends.

Many new details have been added to the Rileyville Railroad over the past year, while other highlights remain, including this 20-foot trestle that is prominently featured as you approach the layout (Mark Edwards, image).
The Rileyville Railroad track plan, which Jim described as a “sort of Mobius loop”, makes creative use of the total area and effectively doubling the length of the mainline (Michelle Edwards, image).

The Williams have been working diligently during our short “off-season” four-year-old the now four-year-old Rileyville Railroad with new structures, scenes and other details that make this north county garden railroad uniquely their own.

Jim and Donna WIlliams’ Rileyville Railroad was the perfect venue to begin our 2023 train run season (Michelle Edwards, image).
The Southern Pacific passenger service pauses at the Rileyville Station, while cargo is transferred from a near-by vehicle (Mark Edwards, image).

The Rileyville Railroad is one of more than ten garden railroads featured on the National Garden Railroad Post-Convention Tour on 10 and 11 July 2023. Learn more about the 2023 National Garden Railroad Convention and the Rileyville Railroad before your visit to the central coast of California this summer!

Donna and Jim Williams hosted CCCGRS at the Rileyville Railroad for our first 2023 train run.